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Friday, December 10, 2010

Emilie's Bag

My friend Emilie asked me if I could make her a bag out of some of her favorite old clothes. She gave me 2 t-shirts and a tennis dress. She wanted her personal items to be on the inside of the bag and the outside to be black, and she wanted to have "Citius, Altius, Fortius" embroidered on the inside of the strap. so I put my thinking cap on and started creating. This is the final product!

The black parts are made from a pair of shiny textured dance pants, the gray parts are made from a shrunken wool skirt, the inside of the strap is from Emilie's tennis dress.
I used Emilie's cute pink t-shirt as a large inside pocket and then installed a ruby snap to help keep the pocket closed, the white fabric behind the pocket is part of the tennis dress.
The star fabric on the inside flap is from a cute apron! The little alligator pocket is made from 3 different pieces of Emilie's tennis dress, and the blue pocket is made from her Nike tennis t-shirt. I used the neck of the shirt to give the pocket a unique look!

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