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Monday, February 21, 2011

Etsy Treasuries

Hello, I have been asked by a few people, "what is an Etsy treasury?" so I wanted to share a little explanation with you :)

Etsy treasuries are a collection of items found on Etsy. Anyone can create a treasury, and its a fun way to show others your interests and showcase Etsy talent. Most treasuries have a theme and the creator of the treasury finds the most beautiful items on Etsy to fit into their particular theme. I feel so honored that fruitpants has been chosen to be in several treasuries!!! Below are links to some of the most recent treasuries that others have featured me in.

Spring is in the Air
I Hope You Enjoy It
Fuchsia Clouds and Cherry Pink Flowers, Red Hearts, February the month of Love 
Spring could that be you knocking
A few of my favorite things
It's all about TOUCH
Spring Green
Fresh Moods
Pretty Pink Things
Finds From Michigan
When you miss the winter colors
Come on sunshine and blue skies
Touch of Time

Here are some treasuries that I have created recently :)

Eye of the Beholder
Windows are Rolled Down
Rosy Cheeks and Warm Hearts
Lighthouse Love

Treasuries can move toward the front page of Etsy by receiving a lot of "clicks" this happens when viewers click on the featured items in the treasury, views and comments are also counted. The more popular a treasury becomes, the more likely those featured shops will be discovered and sales will be made :) so if you ever see a link to a treasury, click on it and check out the beautiful items featured, its a great way to see the marvelous creations available on Etsy and help those shops gain exposure. Feel free to share these links too, you never know who might find that one-of-a-kind item they have been searching for!

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  1. Great collection! Feel free to share some for exposure at my blog!