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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Giveaway #2

Okay here it is, super simple!!! All you have to do is LIKE my facebook page. Leave a comment on the contest post telling me what your favorite animal is. On Sunday, October 28th, I will draw one lucky winner to receive an awesome custom fruitpants creation themed around their favorite animal. 

You will earn 1 entry by leaving your favorite animal comment on the facebook contest post and you can earn 3 additional entries by clicking the share button on the contest post and sharing the contest post on your wall, in a group, or on a friend's wall. Share as many times as you want to earn more entries into the contest!!

Good luck everyone, I have some REALLY awesome ideas in mind for the lucky winner!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Things I'm Learning as a New Mom

  • Actual baby's breath smells so much sweeter than baby's breath the flower
  • Real tears on baby's face can quickly bring real tears to mom's face
  • The phrase "I would die for that" actually means something now
  • Hot coffee is a major luxury as it is either,
    • cold before you get a chance to drink it or 
    • it gets knocked over and you spend the rest of the morning cleaning it up
  • As hard as any other jobs were, they are nothing compared to being a mom
  • Outlet covers are not just baby proof
  • Babies really can learn to use the potty 
  • Cloth diapering, breastfeeding and making your own baby food is possible, I'm continually amazed thinking about how much time and money we have saved just by doing these 3 things
  • A baby sleeping on you actually can melt your heart
  • You don't have to give up who you are to be a mom but it probably will change you for the better anyway
  • Even though there is "new and improved" everything, sometimes doing things the "old fashioned" way is still better
  • Your baby still loves you and thinks you are beautiful no matter what you look like
  • Also, when you are holding a cute baby it doesn't matter what you look like because nobody is looking at you
  • Power cords, cell phones, remotes and kitchen utensils are way more fun to play with than expensive toys
  • Your greatest accomplishments in life are mere specs compared to the incredible human you have created
  • As frustrated and tired and worn out as you might feel, you know you would never trade it and imaging life before baby seems impossible
That's just a few of the things I have learned so far, I am sure that there is more to come, and for the first time ever I am enjoying school, babies are great teachers :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

300 for my 30th!

Well I turned 30 last week... I am not sad about it, I feel so lucky to have an amazing baby, husband, family, job, friends and of course all of the little pieces of wonderfulness that I have collected along the way! My husband told me to never be sad about aging because there are many people who are not given the opportunity (he heard this famous quote somewhere) and he is so right! So I decided to celebrate 30 by doing a giveaway!

Working full-time and being a full-time mama to a very busy little girl does not give me much free time AKA "fruitpants time". However, sewing is something that I love to do, it relaxes my mind, it makes me feel productive, it calms my stress and overall is a great way for me to spend 20 minutes or so a few nights a week and maybe a little more on the weekends. So I have decided that I need to keep fruitpants as a part of my life, even if its a very small, whenever I have time to squeeze it in kind of thing. And in an effort to spread the fruitpants sunshine to more people, I am doing a giveaway!

I want to reach 300 likes on my facebook page for my 30th birthday! So for my first giveaway (that's right, there will be more to come) I am teaming up with my friend Desirae from Going with the Flow and we are giving away a 3 pack of Baby Leg Warmers from fruitpants! This giveaway will begin on Wednesday, October 3rd!!! Be sure to check out the Going with the Flow blog and also the facebook page and the fruitpants facebook page for all of the details! We are excited and wish you luck!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Allen's Naturally and The Green House Giveaway!

I have been cloth diapering for 9 months now and I still love it! We use Allen's Naturally detergent which is made in Michigan, it is great for the environment, and the wallet! Still using the same gallon jug 9 months later and maybe only about half of it is gone!! Right now over at The Green House, they are giving away a gallon jug to a lucky winner!!! Go check out their blog for a chance to enter to win and read the outstanding review for this awesome detergent. Do you have a cloth diapering detergent that you love? Leave me a comment to tell me about it!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

ObiMama and Sprouts Giveaways

I posted awhile back about how to make your own "woven" wrap and stretchy wrap; well what if you could make your own Mei Tai? Well you can!!! There are a million wonderful tutorials on the web, and maybe someday I will find the time to make one and post about it. But.... in no way could I achieve the beauty that ObiMama can create. These are the most amazing Mei Tai carriers I have ever seen! Sprouts has been giving away prizes all week and the next giveaway is an ObiMama purchasing slot. If you are as in love with these carriers as I am, check out Sprouts facebook page for all the details and check out all of the other great things in their shop while you are there! These are just a few examples of ObiMamas amazing work:

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

DIY Stretchy and Woven Baby Wrap

I had a baby in November and could not stop cuddling her! A friend made me a stretchy wrap, similar to a Moby, which was awesome for wearing my little monkey around the house and when we went out. She and I both loved it!
This wrap is made out of 5 yards of jersey interlock fabric which you can buy at just about any fabric store. With jersey fabrics you don't even have to hem the edges, they curl up and don't fray! How easy is that?! So you buy 5 yards (more if you are on the fluffier side) of jersey knit or similar stretchy fabric, cut it in half lengthwise, and BOOM two stretchy wraps, one for you and one for a friend! :) Such an easy and inexpensive way to own a baby wrap that you will love and it makes a great baby shower gift!

But... she got bigger and heavier and squirmier and the wrap became less and less supportive. That is when I discovered the world of woven wraps!! I went to my local baby wearing group and tried out all kinds of wonderful woven wraps, it was like my stretchy wrap in that it was a long piece of fabric but unlike my stretchy, I could wear her on my front, on my back, in many different kinds of positions and carries and the best part, she didn't sag, she felt light and comfortable and supported! This was a way that I could continue to carry her well into toddler-hood! Downside, woven wraps are very expensive because they are made of premium woven materials intended for the purpose of babywearing. So I thought, if I can make a stretchy why not a woven? After collecting tons of advice and tips from veteran DIY babywearers I went to the fabric store again in search of a 6 yards of sturdy 100% linen, which was pricey but still much cheaper than buying a "real wrap" especially after my coupons :) But the material was boring white, so I decided to spice it up with tie dye.

First cut your fabric in half lengthwise again creating 2 wraps. Wash your fabric, don't dry, lay it out damp on a garbage bag cut down the sides and opened up to make it as long as possible. I wanted to do star-bursts down the center so I started at one end, pulled the fabric from the middle up like what you do when you pull your pony tail through and wrap a rubber band around it.

Do this all the way to the other end. Then I did the same thing on both sides of the middle pulling the fabric up and wrapping a rubber band around each bunch. The bunches on the sides are lined up in between the middle bunches so that they are staggered. You can do all kinds of tie dye patterns, just have fun with whatever you choose to do.

Prepare your dye according to the directions. I used Dylon fabric dye with tie dye squirt bottles that I had from another tie dye project.

*TIP* Use a "safe" dye because baby will chew on your wrap at some point. The better the dye the better the final product and safer for baby!

I dyed all of the middle bunches with red and all of the outer bunches with blue. Then I wrapped the fabric up with the garbage bag, taping it closed and left it overnight. The longer you leave it, the more the dye should take. The next day I removed all of the rubber bands, and rinsed it in cold water, then washed it according to the dye packet instructions.

After your wrap has been been washed and dried, you will need to hem the edges so that they don't fray. You can make your wrap a regular rectangle or you can taper the ends to shape it like a parallelogram. I just fold and hand press the edges as I feed it through the sewing machine but if you have more patience you can fold and iron the edges to give a nice clean finish before sewing. I did a zig zag stitch all the way around and then added a small square piece of fabric, like a tag, as a middle marker to the top and bottom of the wrap. New wraps take a lot of breaking in to make them easy to use, so I braided an un-braided this wrap like crazy, here is a video on braiding your woven wrap.
Finished wrap braided to break in fabric
Finished wrap after being un-braided
After my wrap was broken in a bit, I used it for front carries for awhile until I felt comfortable using it for back carries, and each time I use it, the wrap becomes more and more fluffy and easy to use and baby loves it more every day!

The length of fabric that you will need depends on your size and what types of carries you want to use it for. I purchased 6 yards of fabric for this project which for me was more than enough for any type of carry. I recently made a wrap with 5 yards of fabric and that is perfect for me. 5 yards of fabric is about 4.6 meters which is a typical size 6 woven wrap. If you are petite, you could get away with a size 5 wrap which is 4.2 meters or a little over 4.5 yards. 

If you are making your own wrap be sure to buy good quality fabric, and use safe dyes. Then enjoy them while snuggling your little one from squishy new baby to big kid!

6 yard 100% linen hand dyed wrap
5 yard light & airy linen cotton blend