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Thursday, August 16, 2012

ObiMama and Sprouts Giveaways

I posted awhile back about how to make your own "woven" wrap and stretchy wrap; well what if you could make your own Mei Tai? Well you can!!! There are a million wonderful tutorials on the web, and maybe someday I will find the time to make one and post about it. But.... in no way could I achieve the beauty that ObiMama can create. These are the most amazing Mei Tai carriers I have ever seen! Sprouts has been giving away prizes all week and the next giveaway is an ObiMama purchasing slot. If you are as in love with these carriers as I am, check out Sprouts facebook page for all the details and check out all of the other great things in their shop while you are there! These are just a few examples of ObiMamas amazing work:

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