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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

First Craft Show

Well, we did it! Our first ever craft show, the Appleumpkin Festival in Tecumseh. It was really fun and I definitely learned a lot! My sister-in law Rayleen sold 5 of her adorable Halloween costumes and a ton of hair clippies, and I sold 14 purses and some bracelets. So it was a pretty good weekend! The best part was on Saturday when Ava came to visit her mommy at the craft show and modeled some of the costumes! She was so cute, people were stopping and waiting to see her and taking pictures on their cell phones lol! I am sure Ava is all over the internet now. She also modeled one of my purses for a little bit. She is such a sweet, beautiful girl! I just love being an aunt!! I have the best nephews and niece and I can't wait for more to come!
Ava modeling the purple butterfly
Ava modeling a fruitpants purse

I don't think this was the best show for fruitpants, but it did help me to realize what kinds of shows I would like to do in the future as well as which ones to avoid. I would love to do more craft shows and try different display techniques and I really hope that in the next year or two, I can add more items to the fruitpants lineup, I would love to start making skirts and have some quilts to display, and who knows what else, maybe my famous t-shirt pillows lol! I have a lot of ideas in my head, its just a matter of finding time to make them a reality. Thanks to everyone who has supported me and encouraged me to do this, its really fun and I think that I am getting better and better each time :)

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