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Friday, August 1, 2014

Mama Makes Milk, Mama Needs Energy!

Today is a very strange day for me... My normal days consist of working a full time job (50+ hours) from home and taking care of my 2 year old (very active) toddler and my new baby. I am nursing, and this baby wants to eat ALL THE TIME!! Which I love, because she has amazing baby rolls that my first baby never developed, but it also takes a lot out of me. My days are so full and so busy that I don't have time to brush my teeth so a blog post is definitely out of question, but today my older sis is watching my toddler and I can't believe how much more time I have on my hands!

I have been able to:

  1. Drink not one, but TWO cups of HOT coffee!
  2. Complete an insane amount of work
  3. Write this blog post
  4. Miss my toddler like crazy....

In all of my excitement about things I had time for, I forgot to eat... Usually my meals are my toddler's scraps, but with no toddler to cook for, or clean up after, eating slipped my mind. Until I got the major shakes, and felt like a jittery mess. SOLUTION: Mama's Milk Power Oatmeal!

Mama's Milk Power Oatmeal

1 Cup - Old Fashioned All Natural Oats - Cook as directed
 -- mix in 1 or more of the following items --
1 Tsp - Peanut Butter - Crunchy or Creamy
1 Tsp - Coconut Oil
1 Tsp - Nutella or Chocolate Chips 

Add a side of fresh fruit of your choice for good measure :) The hot oatmeal melts the mix-ins and makes a delicious creamy bowl of protein and grain goodness to boost energy and milk supply!

A few hours after eating this, I felt an increase in my milk supply, instantly I felt more energy which lasted through the rest of the day, and my shakes were gone within 15 minutes. 

What do you like to mix into your oatmeal?

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